Cheap Makeup? Is it worth it?!

As you may or may not know, Makeup is a hobby for me. I use it as a de-stressor and as a way to pass time and just try new things. That being said, makeup is something that can be very, very, expensive. Or relatively cheap! So cheap that you can get items for only a dollar or so! So with this, the question is. Is it worth it? Is the makeup that is only a dollar something I should even consider?

I have experimented with a few cheap brands of makeup and I have compared it to drug store brands. Some of the major brands I have tried that are pretty cheap are : E.L.F, Amuse, and L.A. Colors.

L.A. Colors can be found at a dollar store around you, (I.E. Dollar Tree, Dollar General).

E.L.F is a little trickier for people who may live in small towns. I have found E.L.F Products in K-Mart and Target.

Amuse is a brand that I have not been able to find in any store but I have found it on a website called THEY HAVE AMAZING DEALS!

So, back to the reason of this post. Is the cheap makeup worth it? And the actual answer is it just depends on if you are willing to risk the money on trial and error on the brand. From my own experiences here is a few words of advice.

L.A Colors has decent eye shadows. The color pay off is okay, but nothing extraordinary, while the liquid eyeliners are actually fairly good. For a dollar for a liquid liner is a decent deal. The bad for L.A. Colors for me is the foundation and the powders. The face powder has obvious fillers in it and feels horrible on my skin.

E.L.F seems to be a hit miss with all of their products, it depends on the manufacturing and also on the date. I have had some of the same products (from rebuying) and one would be far superior than the other. I say check the reviews on the website and look for the more recent one.

Amuse has been the one to impress me the most!! The foundation has a decent feel to it. I have tried the foundation stick and the liquid foundation and both have a slight baby powder smell to it. The powder has been amazing for me, it has a smooth texture and looks to have no filler in it. The eye shadows have a nice payoff, from the ones that I have tried. They last a decent while but I would recommend using a primer. (With any shadow I recommend a primer!).

As always, buying something that is super cheap and has a price that seems to good to be true, so be wary and do your research!

Britt ❤


2 thoughts on “Cheap Makeup? Is it worth it?!

  1. It’s such an interesting question. Sometimes I think cheap make up is worth it, and then at other times I just think that the quality I get with high-end brands (usually, but definitely not always) means that I enjoy my make up more and that it looks better. I haven’t tried LA Colors, nor Amuse, but I agree that ELF is really hit or miss. Great post, keep up the wonderful writing dear!

    • Thank you so much. 🙂 I agree about higher end brands. I have not tried anything to expensive, but I do love urban decay’s glide on eye liner. It has an amazing smooth texture that is hard to get on a cheap liner.

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