Primer, Primer, Primer!

A primer in the world of makeup is used to help set the makeup, moisturize your face, or to keep the makeup from smudging, moving, or being sweated away (which is the problem I have). There are two main types of primer for makeup and beauty, one is a face primer.

A face primer is usually used to help protect your face with what you put on it. A face primer should help with moisturizing and with your foundation from being not as long lasting. A face primer is NOT essential if you are doing your own makeup, but it does certainly help with keeping your foundation in place and helping with moisture. I would recommend that if you use makeup everyday, or use a foundation often, do invest in a face primer.

The other type of a primer is an eye shadow primer. Which I recommend no matter what! Eye primers can be bought from a wide range of prices. Eye primers are great because they really help with your eye shadow. They make the colors you use staying vibrant, not to mention they prevent creasing and wearing down!

I have used many different types of eye primers since I have started my obsession with makeup, and since then I do have a preference for potted eye primers. (Everyone is different in this category) A potted eye primer will come in a little container with a screw on lid and no applicator. Usually with potted eye primers you just use your ring finger  to get some of the product and apply to your lid. Potted eye primers are thicker and make the shadow really stick to your eye.

The other type of eye primer that I have used is a primer that comes with an applicator. (Usually a doe foot.) These primers are nice, but I do not like how thin they feel to me. The consistency on those types of primers just always seem to oily for my skin type. The plus of this type of primer is blending the eye shadow does seem a little easier.

The last type of primer is usually not mentioned as an actual primer. When doing your lips it is usually a good idea to use some lip liner, or a lip balm before using a lipstick. The lip balm helps protect your lips, and moisturizes! Lipsticks do not really have a lot of properties that help your lips. Most lipsticks are just pigment! Using a lip liner helps keep your lipstick in place with less smudging and helps the color stay on for a lot longer.

Primers are not always needed when applying makeup. Especially if you are just getting started with makeup, or rarely wear makeup, you can probably get by just fine without a primer. Primers are just an added bonus to the staying power of your makeup, along with a little of skin care in there as well.

Here are a few primers that I would recommend trying if you are interested.

E.l.f Eyelid primer–

The E.L.F primer is super cheap and has a decent consistency, I do not like how thin the formula is, but it does add staying power to your eye shadow. 

NYX Eye Primer –

I personally LOVE this eye primer, it has a nice thick consistency and is relatively cheap. You get a decent amount in the pot as well. The one I use is in the shade Pearl and it has a slight shimmer to it. 

Girlactick Face Primer –

I am not to in love with this face primer, but is does have amazing moisture to it. It is a nice thin consistency so it does not make your face feel heavy. 

Amuse Lip Pencils–

These lip pencils are ONLY .75 cents a piece! They are always on sale and they have a decent selection. I have been pretty please with the colors and they stay for a good while. 

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

❤ Britt


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