Those Peepers!

The eyes are the window to the soul, and with makeup one of the more challenging parts of the face to apply makeup to. The eyes are more complex because of how many segments they are broken into when applying eye shadow. When applying eye shadow to your eyes you have to keep in mind what colors you are using, what type of texture you are applying and how dark or light the shadow is! But fear not! I am here to help you understand the eyelid and how to apply some beautiful eye shadow to it. Along with a few select shades of  relatively cheap eye shadows that are in drug stores and dollar stores.

Now here is a picture of my eye. (I promise my eyebrows are not that bad now.) I have coded my eye lid in various colors so that you can refer to this image as I talk about that part of the eye.

The inner corner of your eye is coded in red on the image above. The inner corner of your eye holds your tear duct! (Just wanted to put random knowledge in there). The inner corner of the eye is a good spot for a light color or a bit of white eye liner. This helps to brighten your eyes as well as make them look slightly larger. If you use a white eye liner I would recommend to smudge it slightly so that it does not appear out of place with the rest of your shadow. If you do decide to use an eye shadow in the inner corner, I recommend tapping the brush a few times before applying the shadow. This helps with shadow getting on your cheeks!

The lighter green shade of green is the inner part of the eye lid, this is where your lightest shade goes from your eye shadow. (If you are color blind I am sorry!! Message me and I can give you a new image). The inner part of your eye lid has a lighter shade to help with giving dimension to your eyes. Your eyes will look like they have more depth! When applying my shadows I usually apply this color first. Because the lighter color you use will also be a wash for your entire lid. The wash helps the color vibrancy and stay with your eye shadow.

The darker green shade is the center part of your eye lid. This is where you can add a nice pop of color on your pretty peepers!! If you are wanting to try new colors, I recommend a  nice rose color here. It gives your eyes a warm romantic feel to them. When I apply make shadows I usually add this color last. Adding this color lasts ensures that you will have a pop of color and that you will not accidentally blend the color out.

The golden color is the outer corner of your eye. This is where you put the darkest color of shadow on your eyes! Adding the darkest color here gives your eyes a lot of depth. I add this color second because I am able to blend!! Blending is extremely important when doing your eye shadow! This helps make everything look well put together.

The dark brown color is considered the crease of your eye. The color that you applied to the outer corner of your eye also goes in your crease. The crease of your eye should go slightly over the center lid color. This helps with creating more depth to your eye.  Also when doing the crease, if you are wanting your eyes to have a darker look. I would recommend putting a little bit of that eye shadow on your bottom lash line.

The baby blue color is where your brow bone is! This is where you should put a light color. Doing this also helps with depth!!! (Depth is awesome!) The brow bone should never have a dark color. I also would not recommend using a satin or shimmer color. This could make your brow bone stand out just a bit much.

The pink is for your eye liner! You could do this on either the top of bottom lash line. Or both of your lash lines. With your eye liner, I would say try ANY color imaginable! The eye liner is a fun part of the eye and can play up any look you are wanting to do.

Now to the fun part! The shopping!! I have picked out a few shades of eye shadows that are relatively cheap. These shadows and palettes work well for every eye color. Do not forget to have fun with your makeup!

First off, my FAVORITE eye shadows right now to play with are the NYX Runway eye shadows.

I am currently using the two palettes Brohiaman Rhaspody and Romance. 

The second eye shadows that I have been using a decent bit is the E.L.F palette, its an okay palette not the greatest color pay off, but worth it to try different colors!

The other eye shadow I love is a Mac eye shadow, which is pricey.  The color that I am in love with is the color Knight.

❤ Britt


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