Burts Bees Grab Brag Review.

Burt’s Bees is a well known brand, known for being all natural and not being tested on animals. The products can be a little pricey. But! Are they worth it? Well, I had the wonderful opportunity to try the Burt’s Bees grab bag. My boyfriend bought it for me as a gift. (It is


currently on sale! Half off.) To the right is a picture of how the grab bag came packaged. (out of the box). The bag came with about ten products. Ranging from lip products to shampoo!! Continue reading


One Concealer, Two Concealer!

Concealers have been in the makeup industry for ages. They help hide those pesky dark circles and spots that we do not want others to see! There are many makes of concealer and brands, I am pretty sure every makeup brand has their own concealer. However! In this post I just want to go over three concealers specifically. I was going to compare them, but my camera decided to be sneaky and not work for those. (Convenient for me!) The three types of concealer I plan to go over are! Maybeline Lumi in Fair. Amuse potted concealer in buff. GeoGirl concealer in dark.  Continue reading