B.B Cream! So creamy!

When it comes to your face, you only want the best! And that becomes a difficult task when it comes makeup, there is so much to cosmetics that it is hard to decide what type of products you should use! So, I am here to help gals!!!

B.B Creams!! They are amazing, they are awesome, and they are starting to become a usual appearance in drug store brands! (Cue hallelujah music.) You may have seen B.B Creams with the brands as Too Faced, Stila, and so on. But now! You can see them with Loreal, Maybeline and Garnier! Which is great news, B.B Creams help out your skin so much and now they are at an affordable price.

Now, done to the nitty gritty, what is B.B Cream? And Why should I use it? Is it something I should invest in?

B.B Cream is also known as Beauty Balm, there are multiple types and uses for this glorious product, but I plan to use this article to talk about the Loreal product. But before that, I feel I should tell you about B.B Creams. General knowledge is good right?

The B.B Cream was first invented in Korea, where skin is something that is heavily prized and the clearer your skin, the better. So because of this most creams are meant to help moisturize, repair and help blemishes! Most B.B Creams have tiny little beads in the product that help exfoliate your skin while rubbing it in.

Now, to the reason for this post!! Loreal’s B.B Cream has been out for a little while but I am late to the band wagon and just recently tried it. At first the price was not bad for a drug store product, (Est. 8-10 dollars). Now the thing that threw me off about this Cream was how much was in the tube! I thought it would be like a foundation, (Having about 2-3 oz.) But the Loreal cream holds only a single ounce of product.

However!!! I soon found out that it does not take a lot out this for your face, at ALL. The amount I use to cover my face perfectly is about the size of the tip of my pinky. The formula for this product is nice and smooth, it gives your face a nice finish and acts as a great primer for your skin!! I find that with Loreal’s BB Cream I have no need to use a liquid foundation. I simply apply this Cream on to my clean face, the add my concealer and then set it with powder.

So, the bottom line of this Loreal product?? Is it worth your time and money??   Well!! If your face could use some extra moisture, and have a nice smooth finish to it as well. I say yes!! However if you experience oily skin, or have a to use a lot of concealer, I feel that you may want to look into the market for something else. This is a great product, but I feel that it does well enough by itself that if you have to use a lot of layering or have a heavy foundation that it would take away from this.

Thank you for reading.



4 thoughts on “B.B Cream! So creamy!

  1. Recently bought Maybelline’s BB Cream and I love it! I wear it everyday, even over my Laura Geller tinted moisturizer. It’s so creamy, havn’t tried the Loreal BB Cream yet though! Nice post!

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