Compliment them eyes!!

After seeing a lot of girls around my campus with just extremely dark eye shadow  I felt like it would be nice to post about how you do not have to use black shadow every time you want to do a dramatic look!! It is important to try new things when it comes to makeup, it helps you be more comfortable with yourself, and you get to learn more about your self while doing it!!

Instead of using black as your crease color every time you want a dramatic look, why not try some darker tones that may compliment your eyes? To the right is a color wheel!! (I love color wheels) This little picture is very handy if you are wanting to try new colors, and want to know what would look best with your eye color. Of course, instead of doing this you could just experiment with your shadows and play with mixing and blending.

But! Back to this, if you are interested in a darker color to use for your crease instead of a black, and your eye color is green. Why not try a nice dark plum, or a dark brown. Every eye color looks great with a neutral look.  Using a color that is not a black for your crease helps give your eyes depth, not to mention helps them look brighter and slightly bigger.

Never be afraid to try something different then what you are used to!! Makeup is all about experimentation, if you get into a funk on trying new stuff do not be frightened! That happens to everyone!!!

Have an amazing day.



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