CoverGirl Lash Blast vs. Maybeline Falsies

I may be late on this bandwagon but I wanted to add my two cents in on both of these amazing mascaras. Both of these products are available at any drugstore! I would also like to say that both of these mascaras are AMAZING. I feel that both are great and give great lift and coverage, however I feel that both of these mascaras look differently depending on your lash type!! So I thought it would be nice to do a over view on both and give my opinions on which are better for what eye lash type.The lash blast volume is great at making your lashes look fuller and without a feeling of weight on your eyes. However for lift I feel that is slightly lacking, considering that is something I need, my lashes act kind of limp.

The Falsies are fantastic for giving your eyes that lift that is needed to look like false lashes, not to mention that the volume in this product is not to shabby, however if your eyelashes are brittle or do not deal well with a thicker formula I would recommend the later mascara, Lash Blast. It is lighter weight! And does give you volume, just curl, curl, curl!

Please leave any comments or suggestions!



2 thoughts on “CoverGirl Lash Blast vs. Maybeline Falsies

  1. Hey girl, have you tried Max Factor’s false lash effect? I’ve tried both lash blast and the falsies and the false lash effect seems to be a combo of the two 😉

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