Eyeliner baby!!!

Alright! This is the blog post that I have been looking forward to for the past couple of days! All about eyeliners! There are many types of eyeliners, (Gel, Liquid, Pencil, Liquid Pencil). Well not to many types, more like 5! But they all have their unique attributes and specialties!

The first type of liner I am going to talk about is liquid, it is one of my favorite liner types. With liquid liners you are able to achieve a very dark line that makes any look fairly dramatic! The only downfall to using a liquid liner is that they are slightly difficult to use in application, since it is liquid it can hard to achieve the thickness you want when you first start using liquid liner.

Now the other type of liquid liner is called a pencil liquid liner, the only significant difference between these liners is the applicator used for the pencil liner is a felt tip. The tip controls how much of the liner can come out and it helps making your lines!! If you are new to liners, I suggest this one if you are wanting a dramatic look.

Now the other type of liner is my absolute favorite, its called gel liner!! Gel liners have a great wear time and they are great for dramatic looks, they feel slightly weird on your eye if you are not used to it, (they feel thick), but they are easier to put on and the color is just as great as those of liquid liners.

Gel liners are not as available in drug stores, that is the one downfall I have found. (but they are becoming more popular!) I know for sure that Maybeline and Wet n Wild have gel liners, but I am not sure what other drug store cosmetics do. Gel liners are great to play with, you use a very thin brush to apply.

The last but not the least eye liner is the pencil liner!! Pencil liners have been around for ages! They are

amazing and reliable. Pencil liners are great for being a sketch line, (you use pencil liner first then go over it with liquid) This helps ensure you have a great line and that the liquid will stay in place). Pencil liners are also great because they can be used in your water line to make a look dramatic, or to use a white liner to make your eyes brighter and larger. If you are not wanting to have your makeup look to dramatic, or wanting a nice natural look, pencil liners are perfect! They give off the color without being to bold.(This depends on the pencil product, if you are not sure if your pencil liner is to bold try playing it safe with a grey or brown!)

Please message me with any questions or comments.



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