One Concealer, Two Concealer!

Concealers have been in the makeup industry for ages. They help hide those pesky dark circles and spots that we do not want others to see! There are many makes of concealer and brands, I am pretty sure every makeup brand has their own concealer. However! In this post I just want to go over three concealers specifically. I was going to compare them, but my camera decided to be sneaky and not work for those. (Convenient for me!) The three types of concealer I plan to go over are! Maybeline Lumi in Fair. Amuse potted concealer in buff. GeoGirl concealer in dark. 

Maybeline Lumi, Amuse Concealer, GeoGirl

I will start off with the Lumi Concealer by Maybeline. First off, wow. I love this concealer!!! It is so nice and easy to blend in. The applicator is a brush tip and helps to get the product were you want it. The color I chose for me is a little light, but I like how it gives my face a nice illuminated touch to it. It is an easy concealer to build on, (layer it for more coverage). I also enjoy the consistency of the concealer. It is not thick, but not watery.

The next concealer is the Amuse Concealer, this is the concealer that I am not happy about. Except for the smell, it has a nice fresh scent to it that I find pleasing. But other then that this concealer for me is useless. Its incredibly hard, so hard that I can not get any of the product out of the pot. When I do get the product out it does not blend well at all onto my skin and has no building value to it. It is to much trouble for me, I may as well empty the product and keep the pot!

Now to the next product!! The GeoGirl concealer is very odd. First off, all the colors seem off in their system. I am a fairly fair colored girl, but in theirs I am considered dark. The color looks darker then what comes out of the tube. The coverage is decent, but needs to built upon. It is a little watery for my taste, and it seems “thin”. It smells AWFUL!!!! I have never experienced makeup that smells so rancid before. However, I still use this product as it is not a completely horrible concealer. It is good for those days that you are wanting to go light with your makeup.


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