Burts Bees Grab Brag Review.

Burt’s Bees is a well known brand, known for being all natural and not being tested on animals. The products can be a little pricey. But! Are they worth it? Well, I had the wonderful opportunity to try the Burt’s Bees grab bag. My boyfriend bought it for me as a gift. (It is


currently on sale! Half off.) To the right is a picture of how the grab bag came packaged. (out of the box). The bag came with about ten products. Ranging from lip products to shampoo!!


All of the products were not Burt’s Bees however, there were a few of their alternate line Gud. Which is their personal hygiene line. I received two of the Gud products, a body mist and a body butter.

All in all I loved almost every product I received!!
The only problem I had, which is a small one. Was the pumas stone, when using it, some of it instantly started to crumble away. Which I felt was a little off.

Other then that all the items are great. The Shampoo is scented with mango and is all natural. It left my hair feeling soft and very shiny. The Body butter and the Body mist both have a nice natural smell that is not overwhelming. The body butter is nice and thick! It moisturizes your skin very well.



The chapsticks are of course of great quality, I received 2 scented chapsticks, the honey chapstick. The papaya tinted lip tint. I also got two types of eye cream!! One is named positively ageless, it is a nice semi think eye cream that you put on day and night for your eyes. I feel that it has helped with dark circles! I like the cream, but which the packaging told a little more about it. It is just a plain pot with a white lid. The other eye cream was a tiny little sample, it is the radiant eye cream. It is of the same consistency of the ageless eye cream. It is used for dark circles and making your eyes look brighter, I do like the cream. But I feel that the ageless cream does more.


The last item that I received was a little purse that holds a tiny lotion bottle! I adore this item, it has a cute pattern on the inside of bees, (the burt’s bees) The outside looks like a book, or a journal. It is a light brown color with the emblem of the Burt’s Bees logo. The lotion is really nice with a subtle smell to it.


All in all I loved this grab bag! The quality was par with what you would expect with Burt’s Bees products. I loved the scents, all were natural and subtle.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 🙂




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