Compliment them eyes!!

After seeing a lot of girls around my campus with just extremely dark eye shadow  I felt like it would be nice to post about how you do not have to use black shadow every time you want to do a dramatic look!! It is important to try new things when it comes to makeup, it helps you be more comfortable with yourself, and you get to learn more about your self while doing it!! Continue reading


Primer, Primer, Primer!

A primer in the world of makeup is used to help set the makeup, moisturize your face, or to keep the makeup from smudging, moving, or being sweated away (which is the problem I have). There are two main types of primer for makeup and beauty, one is a face primer. Continue reading

Cheap Makeup? Is it worth it?!

As you may or may not know, Makeup is a hobby for me. I use it as a de-stressor and as a way to pass time and just try new things. That being said, makeup is something that can be very, very, expensive. Or relatively cheap! So cheap that you can get items for only a dollar or so! So with this, the question is. Is it worth it? Is the makeup that is only a dollar something I should even consider? Continue reading

The First of Many!

Hello Everyone! 

This is my first blog post! Ever! I am extremely excited about this blog and I hope that it will be a great success!  As you can hopefully tell by my title and the name of this site. I am all about the makeup and beauty. 

I plan to show techniques and reviews on here, as well as some of my own fashion. (Which is not a lot). I hope you enjoy the ride on the marvelous journey.